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Ambient Systems

Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks & Active RFID

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Ambient Systems is a Dutch privately-owned technology firm that specializes in the development of innovative active RFID technologies based on wireless mesh networks. The company was founded in 2004 by researchers from the University of Twente in The Netherlands, who were developing wireless sensor network technology. In its initial stages, the company was supported by a Business Accelerator with financial support from the Province of Overijssel and the University of Twente.

Over the past decade, the company transformed to a professional organization, holding various patents and taking part in numerous R&D projects from which new innovative products can be developed and introduced to the market. Ambient Systems is a privately held company. The company received growth capital from the Innovation Fund from PPM Oost (East Netherlands Participation Company) and from Drienerlo Investments. Ambient uses the funding to strengthen its patent portfolio, maintain its technological leadership through continuous innovation and further expand its international sales and marketing organization.

Proven Solutions Ambient’s wireless sensor networks have been proven in more than 100 commercial deployments around the globe, ranging from improving safety and security in warehouse environments to moisture monitoring at golf courses. Amongst our partners are Berlinger, Panalpina, Deltatrak, Vigie and Frigo-Trans. Technology leadership through R&D Ambient builds on its knowledge and years of experience in embedded systems, electronics, and communication networks and maintains its technological leadership position in the Active RFID market through its strong focus on research and product development.